Jebao WP10 New Controller Wavemaker


The Jebao WP series are wave makers from reputable Chinese pump manufacture positioning against some top wave makers at a fraction of the cost, they are intended to simulate the natural waves and whirlpools found in a marine eco system.

Package Includes:

-1pc Wave maker pump with magnetic holder
-1 pc Intelligent controller
-1pc AC/DC adapter
-1 pc Power cord

Power Usage
Flow Rate 1200-4000L/h
Voltage 12/24V
75mm× 50mm
Pump Diameter Diameter 50mm
Magnet Mount Thickness Magnet fixed(15mm) or absorption tray fixed

Item # Description Price Points  
JWP10 Jebao WP10 New Controller Wavemaker Was $95.00$79.95 80 Ships 4 Free
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