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Neptune Apex AWM - AI Wireless Module


AquaIllumination Wireless Control is Here!

For years the Apex AquaController has provided owners of AI Sol LED lights a great way to control their tank lighting. Since the introduction of wirelessly controlled Vega™ and Hydra™ lights from AquaIllumination, our user base has been screaming for the same level of control for these lights. We answered their call with this, our AWM-AI Wireless Module which makes the AI Vega, Hydra, and Hydra FiftyTwo all Apex Ready+.

Supports up to 12 AI LED Lights Independently!

With the AWM module you can control up to 12 AI wireless lights of the Vega, Hydra, or Hydra FiftyTwo variety. Simply connect up the AWM to your Apex, link it to your AI LED lights, and now you have complete control of your lights from the Apex Dashboard, Apex Fusion, or any of the Apex Mobile Apps.

Features of the AWM Module:

  • Enables control of the AI Vega, Hydra, and Hydra FiftyTwo LED Lights (but not AI Sols with wireless dongle)
  • Two AquaBus connectors for flexible expansion via AquaBus
  • Comes with 3? AquaBus cable.
  • Fully upgradeable. AWM firmware and pump firmware can be updated for feature enhancement.
  • LED Status indicator and wireless status indicator
  • Compatible with all Apex Systems
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